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But who is Roberta, the woman behind Crème de la Crème? Roberta was born in Brazil and has been adopted, with her biological brother and sister, by a Dutch couple (who were perfectly able to have children of their own but deliberately chose to adopt!) and has been raised in the Netherlands. She does not yet have children but wishes to become a mother herself one day. She hopes to have her own family with children in the future and wishes to adopt as well. For many years Roberta has worked as a sitter/childminder and educational coach for wealthy families and Dutch celebrities. As a result of this she has a lot of  experience and knows very well how important it is that a sitter and a family are a ‘perfect’ match.” 

​Excerpt from the Q&A article ‘Prêt à Pregnant talks with...  Roberta Van Melick van Crème de la Crème’, published in its entirety on the Dutch website of Prêt à Pregnant. To view the whole Q&A article (in Dutch) click here